Olympic horse racing

olympic horse racing

Horse racing was the most prestigious competition in the games. Only the very rich could afford to keep racing horses and to transport them to Olympia or. The Olympic Equestrian sports are dressage, three-day eventing and show jumping. Horse sports such as chariot and riding races were part of. London Olympic horse race Swedish Up next. Jockey School Students Risk Lives for Horse Racing.


Equestrian Round-Up - London 2012 Olympics

Olympic horse racing - Video zeigt

Pippa Funnell was a late call-up but has won medals at both her previous Games. Riders enter jumping Round B in way tie for first. All Sport My Sport Home Football Formula 1 Cricket Rugby U Rugby L Tennis Golf Athletics. A plain cavesson, flash, figure-eight or drop nose band may be used. The horse races took place in the hippodrome. Tails may be braided, but are usually left flowing to encourage natural tail carriage. Riders were required to wear informal uniform if they were military officers, or black or pink coats with silk hats if they were civilians. olympic horse racing You will see horses in 'collection' where the horse is moving with higher elevation of back and legs, and 'extension' where the horse is reaching olympic horse racing with its legs while still carrying its neck and back in an elevated frame. Bouckaert winning gold medal, and the silver and bronze medals going respectively to France's M. The highest coefficient for the test was bending on two-tracks at the collected trot and collected canter. Programmes Match of the Day 5 Live Sport Sports Personality Sport on the BBC All Programmes. Extra points could be earned if the rider rode with both reins in one hand, especially if this were performed at the canter.



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